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Climbing Journal

Status Update

James Kellerman

It's been a while since I last updated the site. This is because I have been off doing far more important things. First among them marrying my amazing wife and becoming her husband. Now that life is returning to normal it's time to get back to the routine and make some serious progress.

So where am I now.

  • Weight: 189lbs
  • Body Fat: 12.2 (I think the scale is optimistic)
  • Climbing solid V5 - with a few V6's where I have put in the work.

I am down about a grade from my peak strength. The biggest problem I am struggling with is motivation when I am actually at the gym. I've been frustrated and not shown much patience for problems that I have to think about or figure out. I've wanted everyhting to come easily and when it hasn't I've just walked away from the problem.

I have been reading more and increasingly realise that I need to get my diet under better control if I want to reach my goals. The site has great easily digestible information on diet and training plans. I am incorporating more lifting into my training to get better all round level of fitness. All of my fundamental movements are pretty weak.