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Portland, OR, 97209

Bouldering Session @Circuit SW

Climbing Journal

Bouldering Session @Circuit SW

James Kellerman

Warm up: 10 minutes problems up to V4

Completed V5 and harder:

  • V5: Long moves between good holds on wave wall - 2nd attempt (missed a huge hold)
  • V6: Long dynamic move on steep wall to crimps on headwall. 3rd attempt
  • V5: Steep juggy undercuts with high foot - flash
  • V5: Undercut start to crimps then jug and high step up via crimps on headwall - flash
  • V6: Long problem out of the cave. Last problem of the night - 1st attempt

Other problems attempted:

  • V6: small crimps on wave to rest, struggled with foot placement and holding move to jug.
  • V5: Balancy slab problem with tricky start - 1 attempt
  • V5: steep wall, one tricky move - 2 attempts
  • V7: Crimps on steep wall to start, missed heel hook opportunity, very possible.

General Comments:

Hot conditions and very thirsty the whole time. Still feeling a little tired after weighted HIT session on Tuesday.

Recovery & Nutrition

Did not eat protein post session, drank two pints beer :(