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Climbing Journal

Training Update

James Kellerman

Its been a mixed couple of weeks of training. I have made some good progress on steeper ground. Completing a couple of V2 and V3's out of the cave. Part of the gain has come from technique, but I am also feeling a little stronger on the holds. Still feeling elbow pain in the right arm though it is affecting my climbing less than it was. The majority of V4's are still eluding me and I often find V3's difficult. On the positive side I am starting to feel the possibility of a v5.

Have been trying to figure out the best approach to my time down at the gym. At the moment I have been trying a number of different problems and not working anything too hard. Generally taking good rests between efforts.

My diet has stalled a bit, I spent the weekend eating and drinking to excess with friends in town and am now paying for it around the waist.

Weight: ~202 lbs