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AACS DRM cracked before it's release

James Kellerman

After the copy protection on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray were cracked earlier this year, the AACS licensing authority revoked the keys that had been used. New discs would not play or be succeptible to the crack, however 6 days before these discs are due to hit the market the protection has been cracked again. Cory Doctorow sums it up superbly.
This raises the question: what will AACS-LA do now? Key revocation doesn't work. Suing the Internet doesn't work. DRM doesn't work (this DRM took years and cost millions, it was broken in days, for free, by hobbyists). Pirates who download movies don't ever see DRM. Honest customers who buy media are the only people who ever get restricted by it -- and it's clear that a lot of people aren't willing to pay money for movies that are less useful than the pirate versions they can get for free.
I only hope that DRM is a transient phase it doesn't work, hasn't ever worked and only inconveniences those that buy the genuine product. Link