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BBC Programme Catalogue

James Kellerman

The BBC have made their entire programme catalogue online. You can search for anything in the records of nearly 1 million radio & TV programs, if only you could actually watch them once you have found it. Have a look, see if any of your relatives have ever appeared on the BBC, this may help to settle some of those pub arguments such as when was the first appearance of X on TV. In fact the pub quiz may be in serious danger! The indexed, searchable, and user tagged future is coming!
Advanced Search INCLUDES: Details of 946,614 BBC radio & TV programmes, dating back 75 years 503,193 subject categories, from Pig Farming to Pirate Radio 1,182,424 contributors, from Bruce Forsyth to Imelda Marcos DOES NOT INCLUDE: Anything to listen to or watch... Sorry, but the programmes themselves are not available. Info about every single BBC programme, ever. It's a vast catalogue, but it's not comprehensive. A guarantee of accuracy. We're very proud of it, but we know there are mistakes.
BBC Programme Catalogue via boing boing