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Best purchases of the year

James Kellerman

1: Amazon Kindle

I bought an Amazon Kindle as a birthday present to myself in March and it has been the smartest purchase I made all year. As a device its not perfect the page buttons are awkwardly placed and its not that comfortable to hold but despite these shortcomings I find myself reading far more now than I did before. A good book is only a few clicks away. When someone suggests a book to me I buy it there and then and find time to read it later. It's light easy to carry which makes it perfect for traveling. My carry on weight has dropped substantially now that I am not lugging books and magazines.

Update On the flight back to the UK my Kindle developed a fault. The display is now shifted halfway across the screen making it impossible to read.

2: Sennheiser HD595 Headphones.

Fantastic sound with fantastic comfort. I will happily sit reading with these on listening to music for hours at a time. My apartment is very bare and the concrete floors and ceiling make it very echoey so any speaker system sounds horrible. For personal listening you would be hard pressed to do better than these.

3: My big ugly brown leather couch

It's big it's ugly and it's cheap. On the other hand I can sleep full length on it its leather and did I mention its cheap.

4. iPhone (on probation)

Ys I do have an iPhone yes its very good, but I haven't fallen in love with it yet.