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Portland, OR, 97209



James Kellerman

I think this probably takes a new all time high for the power of coincidence. The story starts with BA kindly leaving my bag in London, as a consequence I had to go buy some clothes, and ultimately ended up in Diesel. I bought a couple of things and one of the girls invited me to their new collection launch party. So far nothing too unusual about that. Well attractive girls inviting me to parties, isn't that common but its not the point of this post. On the day of the launch party, I went to EB Games to check out an xBox360 for our house, to ensure it really is the complete bachelor pad. Had a chat with the guy serving as I was there, and then headed back to the office. In the evening Hayden and I went down to the store for the free drinks and to check out the hip Portland crowd. The guy that I had met 6 hours earlier serving in the store was the DJ, and recognised me, quite weird indeed. I can add one more layer of coincidence he was DJ'ing with the headphones that a really good friend of mine from London/Japan/New York designed. It was cool to see the hipper side of Portland, this is a city where a T-shirt and fleece are considered the height of style in many of the bars. Definitely a stark contrast to London, and I find myself surprisingly missing the coolness/pretentiousess/stupidity of Shoreditch and the whole East London scene.