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Portland, OR, 97209



James Kellerman

It had to happen eventually, but did it have to be so entirely my fault? I crashed riding home from work on Tuesday. Cycling through Putney I looked up and was shocked to see a parked van only a few meters ahead, traveling at speed it was far too late to avoid. I managed to turn my shoulder into it and struck it square on the back door with my left shoulder. At that moment I was sure that I had broken something, or at the very least dislocated an important part of my body. From my vantage point lying on the tarmac, I was impressed to see stars spinning around in my field of vision, something I thought was reserved for cartoons. Concerned citizens rushed to my aid and called an ambulance, obviously the crash was as spectacular as it felt. I was impressed that nothing seemed to be poking out at weird angles or hanging off unusually. After a few minutes the ambulance arrived and looked me over. I managed to set off the cardiac alarm as my resting heart rate was below their alarm threshold, but other than that there was little wrong with me that a strong cup of tea, a days rest and some anti-inflamatories wouldn't fix.