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Creative Upgrade removes FM Recording

James Kellerman

I will put this simply, if you bought a creative MP3 player because it had FM recording, you have just been screwed. The latest update removes this feature. I assume at the will of the RIAA or some other royalty collection agency. There is now a serious issue of trust with these manufacturers. It is no longer the case that you get what you pay for. You now have to trust that the company you paid money to will not turn around and remove features, or otherwise de-value or break your device. How does consumer protection law fit intro this. If a product is sold to you as having a certain set of features and then some are removed, can you then file a complaint under the trade descriptions act. If it said FM recording clearly on the box and in advertising but did not actually have FM recording out of the box, there certainly would be a case to answer, at least in the UK. As more and more devices are updated over the internet how do we ensure that we get what we pay for and it stays that way. Via boing boing