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Fakenger, moi?

James Kellerman

Article on Moving Target, a bike messenger zine/blog about Fakengers.
You know what I mean: Bianchi Pista or a Specialized Langster; SIDIs that haven’t been scuffed or Converse that haven’t been repaired with parcel tape; a Chrome bag that’s still water-proof or a brightly coloured Crumpler; no radio or holster on the strap, only a mobile phone holder or an MP3 player; black Campy hat with a rainbow stripe that has an unbroken peak; a spoke-card from an Alleycat a friend gave them; clean Dickies; no sweat-stains on the t-shirt.
Lets go though the checklist:
  1. Specialized langster, Tick, though black taped and somewhat customized.
  2. Chrome bag, Tick, still wearing it in.
  3. SIDI shoes, nope
  4. no radio, Tick
  5. black campy hat, nope
  6. Spoke card, nope
Hmmm, looks like I pretty much fit the profile, better get those legs in shape there is only one thing worse than being a fakenger and thats being a fat slow one. To be honest I am surprised how long it has taken for the messenger style to be co-opted by the mainstream. Most of the other sub-cultures were assimilated long ago, BMX, skateboarding etc. Though just as with those cultures, if you are a part of them it's not difficult to tell the fakers from the real thing. Link