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Hood to Coasst

James Kellerman

I have been meaning to write something on the Hood to Coast relay experience but haven't found the energy having used it all to get over the bloody coastal hills on route.

For those who don't know anything about Hood to Coast it is on one of the largest running relay races in the world. It starts off at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood at 6000 ft and finishes 197 miles later at Seaside on the Oregon coast. You compete usually as teams of 12 and in our case in the mixed category they had to be 6 men and 6 women.

We started the race early Friday morning and were expected to finish Saturday afternoon having run through the night. Teams split into two 6 in each minibus. You don't really interact much with the other bus at all so you could make up a team out of two groups of 6 that don't know each other. The main thing to get right is who you get in your bus. The first two legs of the