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Hot Chip at the Doug Fir

James Kellerman

I caught Hot Chip playing at the doug Fir Lounge here in Portland last night. There is a certain irony in seeing a British band playing in the US, but there are some major benefits as well. I managed to get tickets on the night with no queuing, tickets were only $13. There was enough space to actually find a seat during the support acts and enough people to jump around with when Hot Chip came on. The band themselves played a great set, they are truly electro pop nerds, no rock glamour here, just sweat, synths and digital distortion. They overlay fantastic percussion elements and great guitar riffs over the top of dirty electro synth sounds. There was no patter from the band telling everyone how great the city was and all the rest of that learned by rote band speak, just good music. The venue was cool, enough space, hard working bartenders and some great green/yellow underfloor lighting around the bar, that give women wearing heels, a slightly surreal sexy appearance to their calves. Verdict: Highly Recommended