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Portland, OR, 97209


I am an idiot, or why i need a PA.

James Kellerman

I am leaving for Portland tonight and had thought I had gotten a great deal on a lufthansa flight via Frankfurt. Now I look at it I realise that its an 11hr 40 min layover not a 1hr 40 min layover which means either an expensive airport hotel or sleeping in the airport. Right now I am thinking I will take the latter option and hunt down a comfy corner of the airport to get a nights sleep in.

The now very useful has this to say about sleeping in Frankfurt Airport:

What you can look forward to: * Terminal 2: reclining lounge chairs, chapel, long cushioned benches * Arrival lounge has rows of chairs with armrests * Quiet announcements * 24 hour bar * luggage storage * loud arrivals/departures board * padded seats in transit area * internet kiosks