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iPhone Application Crashes

James Kellerman

So far my iPhone as wonderful as it is has crashed four times. In addition to the crahses of the phone various applications have decided for one reason or another to spontaneously stop working or crash on opening. Even Apple's own remote application has fallen prey to this particular behaviour.

I expect that apple will release a 2.xx firmware in the not too distant future and I imagine that apps will get more robust as developers figure out the platform.

Applications to date are a very mixed bag. There are some excellent apps, that really seem to make the most of the platform, and then there are tons of your bog standard crappy utilities/games/useless one problem applications.

My favourites so far:

  • Bloomberg - Great looking, quick access to lots of financial data.
  • WeatherBug - It’s the weather only on your phone
  • Shazaam - Music Tagger, very accurately listens to a tune and then provides all the info about the artist and song as well as links to youtube videos of the track. Impressive and seamless
  • Urbanspoon - restaurant finder, nice use of the accelerometer to shake and find a random restaurant.

Worst thing about the iPhone, because there is so much function that you actually use, location, media player, data etc the battery life has the potential to be horrible. I can see myself carrying a Dock cable and looking for spare USB ports to suck the power out of.