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Is there such a thing as a good bluetooth headset?

James Kellerman

I think I have owned four bluetooth headsets, from the very cheap to the expensive and not a single one of them has provided acceptable voice quality with skype and my macbook pro. I have even used a bluetooth 2.0 headset with the bluetooth 2.0 chipset in my macbook pro, still rubbish. I am not sure if its a skype issue or a bluetooth issue, but everytime I use skype I am forced to tether myself to the desk with a wired headset.

People on the other end of the call complain of cut outs, and static on the line. Bluetooth is possibly one of the most disappointing technologies of recent years. It's a hassle to set up and the speed/quality is surprisingly poor. About the only use I find for it at the moment is transferring small files between my Nokia N95 and MacBook pro, a job it actually accomplishes fairly well.

Don't even get me started on bluetooth mice, so laggy that they are just about unusable.

Good wireless skype headset anyone?