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King Kong

James Kellerman

Its a big monkey movie, but its a very good big monkey movie. clearly the star of the film is Kong, an absolutely amazing mixture of performance capture and computer graphics. Without a doubt it raises the bar for all cgi heavy films to come. The interaction between the CGI elements and the real elements is draw dropping. This is brilliantly illustrated when Kong picks up or pushes around people. It certainly is a long film at 3 hours, but it is such a ride particularly the last 2 hours, which just don't stop. Certainly well worth the price of admission for the T-Rex fight seen alone even at the outrageous £9.00 of west end cinemas. O.K so some of the dialog is pretty stilted and there are some enormous problems that aren't dealt with in the film, how did they get that monkey on the ship for example. But it doesn't detract form what is surely the best adventure film in a very very long time.

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