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Leaden Legs

James Kellerman

I rode back from my brothers house in East London to Richmond yesterday afternoon and my slightly competitive nature lead me to get into a race down the embankment with a kiwi rider. I just about managed to cling on to his slipstream as we tore down the Embankment, riding single speed is great up to the point that your legs just can't spin any faster. During this high speed pursuit I came to the realisation that I have just been cruising of late on my bike. Just going comfortably along, not pushing at all. I can ride much much quicker it just hurts and requires of each pedal stroke that I actually put some effort into it. With my new office being in East London and the commute from Richmond being fairly substantial its about time I started getting in shape, don't want o get schooled by riders day and night on the commute. Interestingly enough he was from Hamilton, where I will be in a couple of short weeks for my good friend Dan's wedding. With a population of only 155,800, there are a surprising number of Hamiltonians in London. Blair, Pete I am looking at you.