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Most improved iPhone application

James Kellerman

One of the things I really wanted on my iPhone was a good application for viewing my google reader feeds. The iPhone optimised google reader site is pretty good but when Phantom Fish came out with Byline a native iPhone application that synced with reader I jumped at it. Unfortunately v1 was pretty sparse and I quickly went back to using the mobile web interface. This week Byline v2.0 was launched and wow has it improved. It is orders of magnitude better than v1 they are barely recognizable as the same application.

There are some very neat touches

  • A built in browser so you dont have to open pages in safari.
  • Support for youtube video. Clicking a video opens it in the youtube player but once the video is complete it returns to the RSS reader
  • It is fast and intuitive with great icons throughout.

Byline is probably the best $3.99 I have spent in the app store so far. You can check it out here