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Portland, OR, 97209


Neighbourhood Tour

James Kellerman

Welcome to Brooklyn my new neighbourhood in Portland. Thought I would share some of the local sights with you all.
Here is the local park, note the Basketball court, where I regularly suck in a lanky white guy way.
Bob's Handy mart predictably run by someone most likely called Kim and not Bob at all. Though to be fair it is handy.
The local pub, complete with pool table, and jukebox that plays the worst of 70's and 80's rock, only a 2 minute stumble from the front door. The Aladdin theatre not really sure what sort of gigs they have here, but there are certainly lots of the AlternaCrowd outside on a friday/saturday night.
The hotcake house, not been there yet, but I can see a time when I will, probably 3am with an imminent hangover.
Local Coffee shop/antique store/book shop. So next time you need a shot of espresso with your antique reading chair and a copy of The Great Gatsby, you know where to go.
Classic Pianos for when you need to satisfy that primeval piano urge.
Check out the rest of the shots on my flickr stream: link

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