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Never travel on a sunday

James Kellerman

This is one man's tale of trying to get home a simple enough process in a city with London's extensive public transport system. Unfortunately this is not the case when you live in Richmond and you choose to travel on a Sunday. I left my brother's house in Brick Lane and walked to Liverpool st station. Unwilling to pay the double fare for paying cash on the bus I went into the station to stand in a horrible queue in order to first get an oyster card and then to charge it up. Thinking that now I was in the station it would be easier to simply jump on the tube to waterloo rather than waiting for a bus I got on the central line westbound. Upon alighting at Tottenham Court Rd station, I found that the Northern Line was shut, fantastic. Heading above ground I managed to find a bus that was going to Waterloo. Once there I discovered that there was no main line service to Richmond nor was the district line running to Richmond. Instead I had to buy a more expensive ticket to Kingston and wait 25 minutes for a train. From there it was a simple matter of two busses to get back to within walking distance of home. Total Time: 2hours+ Total Cost: £8:20 and people wonder why I am prepared to cycle 17 miles each way every day.