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James Kellerman

hello fellow readers...i don't know you but for whatever reason you have the time to read James's blog....this must mean you have a very boring and mindless job, or lots of free time, but we won't get into that for now.....I am taking this intoxicated opportunity to let you get a little more  information about the author of this site...did you know that he plucks his nipples?   I am aware of this fact because he is currently wearing a very provacate and low cut shirt and upon me mentioning above shirt he shared the information that he plucked his niples.....but he does not wax......ok I agree that is more information than any of us need....but the point is that he is leaving my fair city of Portland in a few short weeks and he will be sorely for you readers that live in London take good care of him while he is home and send him back to us soon......