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No more training posts + Small site changes

James Kellerman

I am not going to keep updating the blog here with my boring training efforts. Instead you can check out my progress over at Considering how much web 2.0 stuff out there its been tough to find a decent on line training log. So I am pretty happy to have found runningahead, its both free, and advertising free. If you are looking for something fairly simple to log your training I would sincerely suggest checking it out. I am sure back in the early days of the web there was an amazing training log/fitness site, with all sorts of training programs etc. I seem to remember it changed its name and was called something beginning with "A" but for the life of me can find no trace of it on the web. Pretty vague I know, but it was about 5 years ago and on the web thats a long long time. You might also notice that the sidebar on the right should show the tracks that I have been listening to. So any of you that want to laugh at my musical tastes feel free to do so there.