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Post Rapture Survival Guide

James Kellerman

This is a guide purportedly for those people left behind after the biblical rapture from the fabulous It has some fantastic advice for those people who weren't fortunate enough to be taken up to his kngdom. For example on health matters.
Therefore, since you have decided to reject Christ's offer to join in the rapture, your concern is how to maintain good health in the post rapture era. You must build a supply of multiple vitamins with particular emphasis on anti-oxidants such as C and E and minerals. It will also be necessary to have a supply of disinfectants, particularly one that can be added to water to make it potable.
There is also a fantastic "spitirual health check" which consists of two questions, wow it's so simple when you put it like that. Last but by no means least there is a Rapture Index, that gives an indicator of how close the rapture might be it is currently:


PANIC! or not it's your choice. Much more here,