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Portland, OR, 97209


Scooba 0 : Floor 1

James Kellerman

I decided now that we live in the future I would buy a robot to clean my apartment. So far the robot revolution has not been plain sailing. I ordered a re-manufatured iRobot Scooba from It turns up in a box looking like its been attacked with an axe, and surely enough upon opening the box I find one sad looking heavily damaged robot. Back to Amazon with it and a replacement arrives a couple of days later. This one appears to be in fine robo health. I charge it up till its batteries content and kick it off on a cleaning tour of my apartment. After 10 minutes or so of zig zagging around it comes to a halt under my bed and demands more juice. Ever the obedient robot master I plug it in and 3 hours later it stops blinking at me. This unfortunately is the last thing it ever does. It no longer will switch on clean or perform any robo cleaning tasks of any kind. I am now faced with either amazon returns or iRobot. I think I know which will be easier to deal with...

It's gone back to Amazon for good.