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Sounds of the worlds animals

James Kellerman

One of the silly conversations you can have with foreigners is discussing what sounds animals make in their language. Not all cats say meow across the world. Thanks to the internets you no longer have to meet anyone from another country to discover what strange noises their otherwise familiar animals make. Here for example is dog from around the world.
Afrikaans: woef Albanian: ham ham / hum hum Arabic (Algeria): haw haw Bengali: ghaue-ghaue Catalan: bup, bup Chinese (Mandarin): wang wang Croatian: vau-vau Danish: vov Dutch: woef English: bow wow, arf, woof, ruff ruff English (Old English): Hund byrcð. Esperanto: boj Estonian: auh Finnish: hau hau /vuh vuh French: ouah ouah German: wau wau, wuff wuff Greek: gav Hebrew: haw haw (/hav hav) Hindi: bho:-bho: Hungarian: vau-vau Icelandic: voff Indonesian: gonggong Italian: bau bau Japanese: wanwan, kyankyan Korean: mung-mung (/wang-wang) Norwegian: voff / vov-vov Polish: hau hau Portuguese (Portugal): au au au (nasal diphthong) Portuguese (Brazil): au-au Russian: gav-gav Slovene: hov-hov Spanish (Spain, Argentina): guau guau Swedish: vov vov Thai: hoang hoang (with falling tone) Turkish: hav, hav Ukrainian: haf-haf Vietnamese: wau wau
Personally I am a little worried by any dog that goes mung-mung More here via neatorama