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The end of the Gillette tax

James Kellerman

I have finally had enough of paying the exorbitant price of Gillette razor blades. I dutifully swallowed the marketing line and bought a new Fusion 5 bladed razor, and It was o.k. until I came to buy replacement blades. The cheapest I could find them was at Costco for $42.00 for a 16 pack. I couldn't bring myself to do it. So after a little research I have gone and bought myself a classic safety razor. After two days of using it, I can definitely say I prefer the experience, the shave is at least as close, if not closer. The razor feels good, not plastic and cheap. The blades are $15 for 30. The downside, there is only one I can see so far, you have to be slightly more careful while shaving, though its by no means easy to cut yourself even when you are as clumsy as me. Its an amazing triumph of marketing over results that we are in the position we are in today regarding razors. Over the past 80 years we haven't managed to improve the shaving experience at all. we have just increased the price and kept lots of mediocre copywriters in jobs, creating the same cliched ad of closely shaved man and attractive woman variously stroking them. So based o my (limited) experience so far, throw off the shackles of cartridge razors and go back to the old school.