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The Singapore Judiciary

James Kellerman

Having spent the last year in Singapore, I feel a great deal of respect for Dr Chee. He has recently been imprisoned for calling into doubt the independence of the judiciary. The Singapore government has often used the judiciary to suppress political dissent, including the most basic forms of political dialogue. The following is a good summary of Dr Chee's case and some of the events that lead to his arrest. It is slightly long but it is worth a read as it shows how insidious an imbalanced judiciary can be.

It has been said before and shown in many places that you cannot have a true democracy without freedom of speech. That is what makes these cases so destructive, it gives the illusion of a democracy, but the reality is quite different

Submissions (Revised with additional references) As the AG has preferred a charge against me, I believe I am entitled to a trial here I can call witnesses to demonstrate the truth of my tatements and to document with precision how the courts in Singapore have been used by the PAP Government to maintain its chokehold on the country.

I have said before I will not run away. I am here to face my accuser and the very people whom I have criticised. I am here to speak the ruth, whatever the consequences may bring. f you are going to charge me for contempt of court, at least have the ecency to allow me the opportunity to defend myself. There is othing honorable in a fight wherein you bind and incapacitate your opponent.

Defamation without trial

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