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This is really quite cool, if you geek like me

James Kellerman

I was reading on the BBC how the Mars Rover opportunity has managed to get stuck in a sand dune. Unfortunately the pictures on the BBC site are always very small even when enlarged and didn't really tell you a great deal about how the rover is actually stuck. So off to NASA JPL site where you can look at the raw images from the rovers camera's seeing what the engineers see. So here is a picture from the Left Front Hazard camera, all the way from a small rover stuck in the sand on mars to your desktop.

and the good news, by simulating the conditions in the lab with a spare rover the team at NASA reckon they can get it unstuck. Now thats a cool job playing with $400 million dollar robots in a sand pit!

Go Here (NASA JPL) for the original hi res images and a whole lot more.