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This may be the definition of stream of conciousness

James Kellerman

This was posted as a comment over on a blog called Phyrangula, its dedicated mostly to evolutionary biology, debunking creationism and Intelligent Design. I don't believe you are going to persuade a group of skeptical scientists with this kind of argument. Though to be honest I am not sure it is so much an argument as a kind of rhetorical suicide. This is the kind of thing that tends to wind me up, co-opting the language of science with none of its meaning or methodology to make something seem scientific when it is complete and utter rubbish.
OK -- PEOPLE -- all you have to do is read my blog entries. The information is all provided for you but YOU CHOOSE TO REMAIN IGNORANT. But since I'm a nice crank (shrink for scientists -- free online service available now!!) I'll spell it out for you. The problem with the West is that it lost teachings of "natural resonance" to transmute electrochemical hormones into electromagnetic fields and finally into nonlocal consciousness that bends spacetime. There I said it. Can you handle that? No? Well read "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" (trans. by Charles Luk) That will give you all the details of "the small universe" practice which is the key secret. There are 12 nodal points along the outside of the central channels of the body -- spine-heart. Dr. Albert-Fritz Popp recently confirmed this in his biophoton experiments. Just think of the body as a harmonic oscillator that transduces great heat (called N/um by the Koi San and Tumo by the Tibetans, etc.) into electromagnetic power (chi) and then into rainbow light (shen). OK I did the experiment to finish my graduate degree (2000) -- the topic: Nonwestern nondual philosophy. Again the reason this "small universe" practice is unknown is because it depends on sublimating the Jing (electrochemical hormones) as a nonlinear asymmetrical harmonic oscillator. Please see my past rants for explanation of math and philosophy (haha). Basically you feed off your own secretions to enable parthenogenesis. OOOH -- I said it! Taboo! Hey but real alchemy. Try reading John Bleitbreu's great underground ethology classic "Parable of the Beast" (1968 or so) -- lots of parthenogenesis stuff in there. Current version: Read biology professor Brian Goodwin -- he figured this stuff out. Anyway Mircea Eliade mentions the "small universe" as an ancient practice in India -- so it's not just some Chinese thing. OK the reason it works, once again, is because it's based on the philosophical assumption that there is no precise symbol for infinity (i.e. no square root of two as a logical axiom) and therefore asymmetrical nonlinear "evolution" can occur. Yes I can flex my pineal gland. Sorry but it's true and it's quite strange as well. I even emailed professor Nicholas Humphrey (the neuroscientist) because he claims in his book (an otherwise fun romp) that no one can flex their cerebral cortex). Just did it. Again -- the only reason I had some success was because I did the experiment full-time (only working 10 hours a week) and had funding for a really strict diet (no salt, for example). I had a relatively quiet and roomy space which helps alot. Silence is golden. Yes your brain can create water through reverse electrolysis. Sorry but I did it -- went 8 days with only a couple drops of water and not only that but only needed 5 hours of sleep with tons of extra energy (of course I had no food for these eight days). Then I healed my mom of a serious case of smoker's legs -- no more surgical stockings for her I tell you! No more need to sit down after an hour. No more need to keep her legs elevated all the time. Did she freak out that I hadn't had any food for 8 days? Sure she did -- worse than ever! But did I scarf down a bunch of food to make her happy? Sure I did. Did I heal her anyway? You betcha (Professor Myers can translate that one for you). She said it was "the difference between night and day." This is all called a "bigu" state -- energy feasting. I was never hungry the whole time. How? Because I practiced tai chi lots, then the small universe lots so that my endocrine glands all got real hot -- kidneys, thyroid, then the pituitary gland and then the pineal gland! Yes I'm a freak but I was curious. I thought here's the book: Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality. Did people have strange reactions around me without me communication any of this to them? yes. You see this practice creates strong electromagnetic fields that emanate from the center of the brain enabling telepathy and telekinesis. There I said it! Burn me at the stake! Through my in a lake while I'm tied to a huge rock! Here's the principles -- resonance of the Law of Pythagoras as infinite transduction. Read Dr. Peter Kingsley -- Here's the means: sublimating the electro-chemical hormones through innate harmonic nodes based on natural number geometry. And as far as the whole Voodoo thing -- well it's how Haiti is organized POLITICALLY so yes Voodoo WILL be the basis for any grassroots development in that country.
Ok I am going to take a long deep breath now and relax... The whole discussion can be found here about half way down the page.