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Top 100 Music Videos of all time

James Kellerman

This just gets better the more I look through it. Stylus magazine has compiled the top 100 music videos of all time and thanks to the wonders of the internet in general and youtube in particular you can watch them right there in the list. My personal favourites are anything by Johnathon Glazer and Chris Cunningham. Its amazing how often the same artists and directors turn up. Michel Gondry has some fantastic stuff in there to.

Here is Radiohead “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” - Directed by Jonathan Glazer, 1995, check out the way the people in the same scene are filmed at different speeds, the dog and kid are a great example of this. I actually saw this at a Jonathan Glazer retrospective in Singapore on the bigscreen and the effect was amazing.

Check it out at stylus magazine via my ever observant brother Ben