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IFTTT, Hazel and Day One


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IFTTT, Hazel and Day One

James Kellerman

I have been expirementing with integrating more passive data collection into Day One. As Day One doesnt have a cloud service to push data through it requires a slightly more complex workflow. While researching a way of getting more of my internet data into Day One I came across this article on poor signal showing how to integrate IFTTT, Hazel, Dropbox and Day One.

So what data am I collecting in Day One.

  • The tracks I play on Rdio via lastfm.
  • Fitbit Daily Stats
  • Fitbit Weight
  • Pocket new articles
  • Pinboard new bookmarks
  • A selfie snapped automatically from macbook pro facetime camera
  • A note every time I go to the climbing gym or weights gym
  • New Linkedin contacts

All this gives me a personal archive of all the data that I create passively.