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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

James Kellerman

In the style of DC Rainmaker I am going to try and write one of these each weekend in part to recognize the things that I do.

London bouldering at The Arch Bermondsey

I met up with some of my London friends at the Arch climbing gym in Bermondsey. It's a great facility if crowded on a Sunday morning. There are real differences in setting style from my usual haunt, the Circuit bouldering gym in Portland, Or.

I burned a few flashes while getting used to matching the top hold for the finish rather than the top of the wall. I was surprised by the relative absence of crimps with more slopers, mantels and jugs than I am used to seeing.

Pub Lunch

After a morning climbing I refuelled in the traditional way with a Sunday roast at the pub. A delicous pork roast helped down by a pint of Guiness. I sneaked a few fork fulls of eton mess to complete the occassion.

Boris biking

Partly to deal with the consequences of a heavy meal I decided to take one of the many cycle share bikes. After clicking through about 12 different disclaimers and paying the £2 fee I took my bike from the rack and promptly headed off in the wrong direction. My poor navigation skills did give me a chance to ride on one of the still under construction cycle superhighways. These are separated from the road and in theory dedicated to cyclists. It did make navigating the Mile End road easier but there is clearly still plenty of work to be done to finsh them.

A new challenge

While at lunch I made a bet with a good friend. I now have to nail a 30 second freestanding handstand before he does or I am buying the beers at the next pub lunch. Practice starts Monday.

Thames walk

Finally on arriving back in Richmond I decided to skip the 20 min bus journey back to my parents home and instead opted for a beautiful if chilly walk along the Thames. Walking in the evening with no crowds and a beautiful sunset to light the way made for a surprisingly pleasant walk despite the weight of groceries on my pack.