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Portland, OR, 97209


Coast Starlight Amtrak

James Kellerman

On Wednesday morning I boarded the Coast Starlight Amtrak train headed from Seattle to Portland. The train is the classic American double decker finished in polished metal fantastically evocative of the 70's with an observation car that was truly fantastic. I met a really nice girl while waiting for the train and we spent the journey in the observation car watching the American landscape roll by, counting the number of old pick ups rusting in the back of many homes and admiring the beauty of the cascades. It was a surprisingly quick four hour journey and I was a little disappointed that I wasn't doing the full 32 hour journey down to LA. Its been fantastic traveling on my own, beholden to no one, meeting random people and generally having a great time.I need to work on my writing skills to add to my portfolio as a scientist/designer/engineer/technologist/entrepeneur.