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Finally a generic Nokia 6680

James Kellerman

I have finally managed to make my orange branded nokia 6680 into a generic one by flashing the firmware with all manner of tricky tools. The process is a hassle, but for me at least worth it. Apart from being able to run the latest firmware, with lots of bug fixes and improvements, it also consumes less ram and looks better. Its always interesting to me what effort people will go to do something that they want to do with their device, and what lengths the operators and manufacturers will go to prevent them. Surely i just costs everone involved enormous amounts of time and money. Why not just give people the tools and information they need to make the most out of the product they have bought.  The upcomning chumby looks to be a really good example of a manufacturer getting this philosphy and I will be dammed tempted to pick one up, when they finally go on sale.