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Portland, OR, 97209


Flying back to Portland

James Kellerman

Writing this from a cramped plane somewhere over the central United States. Philadelphia International airport was struggling to deal with all the passengers on Sunday night, there were no queues to check in, but the security line was enormous. I am increasingly annoyed at the whole farce that is airport security. I wouldn't mind so much if they managed to design the security areas in a way that people could actually use them. On approach to the security area, people shout at you to remove your shoes, laptop and liquids. Could we please get clear well designed signs, so that you don't have TSA employees shouting increasingly loudly at non-english speakers. Can you stop yelling at us to get in line, as though its our fault there aren't enough scanners or staff to do the job in an efficient and pleasant way. Can we get a large enough area to take our shoe off and prepare our possessions for screening, not one small table that was found in the cafeteria. Can you find ways of rescanning bags without stopping everybody else in the line. Can we have a place to put our clothes back on and gather our possessions, not dump us in to a shopping mall in socks, holding our trousers up with half a dozen peoples bags mixed up on a table. In the plane: Can we get a sack that isn't 70% salt and might actually stave off hunger for part of the six hour flight.