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James Kellerman

Went out with Gemma last night. She is a 5'11'' model, that I met with Dom in the big chill a week ago. She seemed pretty nice at the time and I was quite keen to catch up again. After a week I got in touch over myspace and tried to set up a date, a carefully crafted mix of art and beer, unfortunately for me that went wrong when she had got a shoot at the last moment and we switched nights. I of course had nothing to wear, so went shopping and bought an over priced merino top that was on sale. We met at the big chill bar and then proceeded through some of my favourite places in Shoreditch. Commercial tavern for a drink upstairs, then Great eastern to watch the champions league. Probably the highlight of the evening was seeing Gemma dissing the italins in italian, her accent sounded great. Ended up in Dragon, being kissed and learning that she also works in Stringfellows, which was a surprise. Why do i always get blindsided by women and get kissed rather than do the kissing.