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Portland, OR, 97209


Going to America

James Kellerman

I am back off to the states for a few months, I'll be staying in sunny Portland and enjoying its many delights. I will probably be blogging a bit more whilst I am there as things always seem more interesting in a foreign country. As usual I seem to have packed far too fast, I must have forgotten dozens of things, though I general believe that if they are unimportant enough to forget, they are easily replaced/lived without. I am not that excited about the journey this time, its a bit more mundane, flying through Chicago and straight into Portland. Last time I took the beautiful train ride down from Seattle. On the plus side it looks like the A380 Airbus super jumbo mega plane will be landing for the first time at Heathrow whilst I am there, so I will keep my eyes open, and some sort of camera/phone/imaging device to hand. Tonight it's the champions league final, so hopefully it will be a great night on which to leave, go on you Gunners! etc etc. It looks like pretty much everyone is heading over to my brothers house (huge arsenal fan) to watch the match, I see visions of euphoria or utter depression, amazing thing sport.