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Long Weekend

James Kellerman

Its been a long weekend and a while since I wrote anything, so this is a bit of a filler post until something more exciting comes along. Most people here took a 4 day weekend, with the 4th falling on a Tuesday and who was I to argue. Had my first 4th of july, Independence day, in the USA yesterday. Hung out by the lake ate bbq and went to see fireworks on the columbia river. Managed to find a superb location to watch them on the 2nd floor of a condo that was just being built right on the river side. Involved a little bit of scaffold climbing, but all the better for it. Fireworks were pretty cool, certainly threw a lot of explosives into the sky even if it wasn't the most creative display I have ever seen. Managed to do a little shopping out here, doing my best not to succumb to the Portland fashion scene or lack of it, going back to London is going to be a shock. Threw together a design for my friend Samuel over the weekend to use for an event he is running. Doing a kind of personal expose thing on the Apprentice TV show with another of the apprentices from the show. You can check it out at