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Portland, OR, 97209


Queing for an iPhone 3G

James Kellerman

7:31 Sitting in a mall in downtown Portland waiting to pick up an iPhone 3G. Got here at 7 am, store opens at 8 and I would say there are about 50 people ahead of me in the queue. Apple are doing a great job on the logistics. Handing out water and coffee to everyone. Still struggling to choose between white and black, hope to have mind made up by the time I get to the store. There is no indication what stocks are like so the decision may be made for me.

07:45 There are a ot of people with first gen iphones in the line. Looks like all the fanboys are upgrading.

10:55 Have iPhone but can't activate server is timing out, more than mildly annoying. On the plus side it does look pretty.

11:17 The phone is working but iTunes is still having problems, error message -4 whenever i connect the phone.