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Saddam Hussein Hanged and on youtube

James Kellerman

Saddam Hussein has been hanged that in itself is not a surprise not even the rushed nature of it. What also should not be a surprise to anyone is that cell phone footage of the execution has made it onto the internet. It shows the execution for what it is a barbaric act committed by vengeful people. Saddam's executioners are shown taunting him and shouting insults. It is of course a completely different perspective from the official video of the execution which is shown without sound and ends before Saddam is hung. I have written before about the implications of ubiquitous imaging. The proliferation of devices that allow video and images to be captured anywhere and uploaded in instant. You can no longer control the distribution of media. If what you do is ugly it will be shown as ugly no matter how much gloss is applied to the official media. I have always believed that the death penalty is morally wrong and barbaric this video only reinforces that opinion.