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Travel Again

James Kellerman

Jumping on another plane agin this afternoon, which means more security theatre at the airport, lots of general standing around and most annoying of all a vivid reminder of how crap batteries still are.

Apple may make some beautiful products but the battery life in Macbook Pro is just horrible. Two hours twenty is a good result, and now that my spare battery has decided not to accept any charge that is all I am going to get out of it on a 13 hour flight. This may be blasphemous to the mac faithful but when 6 hours into the flight the guy next to me is still happily typing away on his thinkpad ultraportable and my laptop has been relegated to the overhead locker 4 hours previously I get a little envious.

To compound my battery issues my Nokia N95 that has become one of my favourite devices of all time with the latest v20 firmware, is also noticeably deficient in the battery department. I ask a lot of it, but I would love to be able to get a battery that could give me a full days worth of music/camera/internet and phone. May just have to buy one of those hideous booster packs to get though the flight.

My New Year's request to Apple can we please get a laptop that works away from a power supply for a respectable time, please don't make me buy a Thinkpad just to travel with.