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Portland, OR, 97209


When did everyone lock their wireless networks down?

James Kellerman

I moved into my new apartment on Monday and thought with the high density of housing where I live that it would be no trouble poaching wifi for a day or two. It turns out I was wrong, I can see about 16 networks and of those only two do not employ WEP, one was too weak to connect to and the other refused to let me on, perhaps because of an access control list.

This resulted in an emergency trip to a comcast service center to pick up a cable modem. That process went pretty smoothly, I ordered and picked up that afternoon. The installation process on the other hand was terrible. The modem lit up promisingly but then spent the next 3 hours steadfastly refusing to get through the set up wizard. The excuse it gave, "could not connect" despite the fact that it had just downloaded the wizard from the comcast site. this lead to a good deal of messing around and DNS fiddling on my side before I finally gave in and called customer service who managed to get me up and running in about 10 min.

My apartment now contains:

  1. A Chair
  2. An Ottoman
  3. A Mattress
  4. A Kitchen Island
  5. 12 Glasses
  6. 6 Bowls, Plates and Side Plates
  7. 6 Kinves, Forks and Spoons.
  8. A Rolling Screen
  9. A Shower curtain
  10. Lots of clothes in piles.
  11. A case of beer.
  12. Half a chicken.
  13. A Projector.
  14. 4 OXO candela rechargeable candles
  15. 1 OXO rechargeable Lantern

And occasionally me.